Orange or orange is available in different varieties. For dessert or fruit salad the large sweet Navel Orange is well suited. It has few seeds and is easy to peel. The smaller Navelina Orange tastes slightly more sour, but is also easy to peel. To squeeze orange juice, use the small Jaffa Orange or Valencia Orange with thin skin and sour taste. Orange peel from untreated oranges is used for baking and flavouring sauces, desserts or punch.

All data per 100 g:
53 kcal
12 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Orange

Aperol Gin Tonic Bowle
Aperol Gin Tonic Bowle tastes bitter and fruity. Squeeze the juice of the grapefruit, 3 oranges and lime and pour through a sieve into a container. ...
Apple Küchle
Apple Küchle For Apfel Küchle it is best to use a slightly sour apple variety such as Boskop. In order for the apple cakes to become tender during frying and taste similar to apple puree or apple compote, they are marinated before baking. ...
Asparagus with salmon crepes
Asparagus with salmon crepes For asparagus with salmon, first peel the asparagus and cut off the woody ends. Place the peel and end pieces in a tall asparagus pot and fill up with water. ...
Banana Milk Shake
Banana Milk Shake tastes best well chilled. Peel a ripe banana, break into pieces and put into a mixing bowl. ...
Banana Salad
Banana Salad tastes best well chilled and can be prepared very well. Pour the juice of a lime into a small saucepan, add brown cane sugar and two lime leaves. ...
Bananas with orange dessert
Bananas with orange dessert For bananas with orange dessert first soak gelatine 10 minutes in cold water. Use a zestenreißer to peel some orange peel for decoration. ...
Bavarian cream with oranges
Bavarian cream with oranges For Bavarian cream with oranges it is best to use organic oranges, as the peel is also used. Put the milk in a saucepan. ...
Beetroot salad
Beetroot salad should preferably be prepared with fresh beetroot, as it tastes particularly aromatic. It is best to wear an apron and rubber gloves during processing, as beetroot colours very strongly and splashes are very difficult to remove. ...
Blueberry Smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie is lightly creamy bound with delicate melting flakes. Pour the blueberries into a mixing cup and add the chilled Bulgaria yoghurt. ...

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