Oak leaf salad

Oak leaf salad

Oak Leaf Salad or Oak Leaf Salad is also offered as a picking salad. Oakleaf lettuce does not form a firm closed head, but only loosely joined leaves. On the market Eichblatt Salad is also offered as a whole lettuce head. The leaves of the oak leaf lettuce are slightly curled and remind of the shape and colour of the oak leaves from which the name originates. Inside, the leaves are green and turn reddish brown towards the tip, which is why they are often used to decorate cold cuts with sausage, cheese, fish or roast. The taste of oak leaf lettuce is slightly nutty. This is why oak leaf lettuce harmonises particularly well with walnut oil.

All data per 100 g:
12 kcal
1 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Oak leaf salad

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Bistro Poultry Salad
Bistro Poultry Salad tastes very good with fresh baguette. Clean the lettuce, pluck it and put it in a bowl. ...
Boletus mushrooms on salad
Boletus mushrooms on salad Rinse frisee salad and oak leaf lettuce under running water and spin dry. Remove thick stalks, pluck into bite-sized pieces and spread on plates. ...
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Canapes with pork medallion
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Canapes with Salmon Tatar
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Hunter Mett Canapes
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Hunter Salad
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