Neck cutlet

Neck cutlet

Neck pork chop stays juicier when frying or grilling than normal pork chop because the neck chop is streaked with fat. It also tastes more aromatic due to the higher fat content. In contrast to neck steak, there is still a piece of bone at the neck cutlet. It is best to cut the meat along the bone so that the meat does not bulge when roasted.

All data per 100 g:
195 kcal
0 g
18 g
13 g

Recipes with Neck cutlet

Grilled cutlet
Grilled cutlet Grilled chops can be prepared on the charcoal grill or in a grill pan. Grilled cutlet is prepared in Puerto Rican style with oranges. ...
Grilled cutlet piquant
Grilled cutlet piquant Grilled piquant cutlet is very easy to prepare, as the longer the marinade lasts, the more tender and piquant it becomes. Put the cutlet in a shallow bowl. ...
Neck chop grilled
Neck chop grilled Neck loin grilled is very tender and remains juicy. For this, marinate the neck cutlet for at least two hours or covered overnight in the refrigerator. ...
Neck chop with hood
Neck chop with hood For neck cutlet with hood season the meat with pepper, salt and tarragon. Coat a casserole dish with oil. ...
Shashlik in tomato sauce
Shashlik in tomato sauce becomes particularly tender, because it pulls overnight in the tomato sauce. For the shashlik neck cut loin into large cubes. ...

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