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Mussels Mussels

Mussels Mussels

Mies mussels (English Mussels, French Moules, Italian Cozze, Spanish Mejillones) are also called pole mussels. Mussel season is from September to February. In summer, mussels spoil more easily, although this is no longer a problem today, as the cold chains are not interrupted. It is important that fresh mussels are always firmly closed, or that already opened mussels close immediately when knocked on lightly. It is essential to throw away mussels that are still open, as they are no longer edible. After cooking, it's the other way around. Then all shell shells must be open. Mussels that are still closed then no longer eat. 1 kg mussels mussels result in approx. 150 g mussel meat.

All data per 100 g:
73 kcal
2 g
12 g
2 g

Recipes with Mussels Mussels

Breaded mussels with aioli
Breaded mussels with aioli Fresh mussels are used for breaded mussels with aioli and served as tapas. First brush the mussels under running water and throw away already opened mussels that no longer close. ...
East Frisian prawns soup
East Frisian prawns soup Ostfriesische Krabben Suppe is a light pre-soup that tastes particularly good with North Sea shrimp and fresh mussels. Alternatively, East Frisian prawns soup can also be prepared with mussel meat from the glass. ...
Fried mussels
Fried mussels For fried mussels whisk an egg with milk and oil. Stir in the flour until a creamy dough is formed. ...
Fried mussels mussels
Fried mussels mussels Fried mussels can be served as a small starter with fresh baguette. Thoroughly brush off mussels under running water. ...
Italian mussel soup
Italian mussel soup For the Italian mussel soup use as ripe tomatoes as possible. Brush mussels well under running water. ...
Marinated Mussels with Paprika Tapas
Marinated Mussels with Paprika Tapas can be prepared very well, as they taste more aromatic when they are left to steep longer. Sort out mussels that have already been opened, as they should not be eaten. ...
Minestrone with Mies Mussels
Minestrone with Mies Mussels Minestrone with mussels mussels is a hearty vegetable soup. For the minestrone with mussels mussels first the vegetable soup is cooked. ...
Mussels au gratin
Mussels au gratin For gratinated mussels, stale ciabatta is required for gratinating. Rinse mussels and throw away any mussels that do not close. ...
Mussels in aspic
Mussels in aspic can be served as a small starter or tapas. Rinse the mussels. ...

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