Mushrooms in oil

Mushrooms in oil

Mushrooms in oil are usually seasoned with garlic, pepper, chilli and other spices. You can serve them as antipasti or refine salads with them. Mushrooms in oil can also be used warm as a side dish to roasted meat or to gratinate casseroles.

All data per 100 g:
68 kcal
3 g
4 g
4 g

Recipes with Mushrooms in oil

Antipasti Canapes
Antipasti Canapes For Antipasti Canapes first mix ricotta with balsamic vinegar. Press garlic through the garlic press and stir in. ...
Bock sausage mushroom salad
Bock sausage mushroom salad is prepared with a slightly spicy marinade. Fill mushrooms and drained silver onions into a bowl. ...
Cabanossi meat salad
Cabanossi meat salad tastes very piquant with the Ajvar paprika sauce. Cut Cabanossi sausage into slices. ...
Canapes with bread from the pan
Canapes with bread from the pan For canapes with bread from the pan first mix flour, yeast and salt. Knead in oil and lukewarm water. ...
Greek Chicken Rice Salad
Greek Chicken Rice Salad tastes the more aromatic the longer it draws. Pour the rice, water and a pinch of salt into a pot. ...
Gypsy shredded meat
Gypsy shredded meat For gypsy sliced paprika, first cut the pepper into strips. Dice onions. ...
Minced meat pizza with mushrooms
Minced meat pizza with mushrooms For minced meat pizza with mushrooms, piquant pickled mushrooms are used, which give the minced meat pizza its special flavour. For the dough mix flour with a pinch of salt. ...
Mushroom & Roast Beef Canapes
Mushroom & Roast Beef Canapes Champignon & Roast Beef Canapes are prepared with Cafe de Paris Butter. For the canapes, first cut the baguette into slices. ...
Pizza snacks finger food
Pizza snacks finger food tastes best fresh from the oven. For the pizza dough first mix wheat flour and pizza flour with a strong pinch of salt. ...

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