Münster cheese

Münster cheese

Münster Käse is a mild, slightly spicy soft cheese with a rind of red goo that you can eat along with it. Münster cheese tastes good as bread topping and is suitable for canapés. Münster cheese can also be used for gratinating because it goes well.

All data per 100 g:
337 kcal
0 g
21 g
27 g

Recipes with Münster cheese

Alsatian Potato Casserole
Alsatian Potato Casserole is prepared with new potatoes. Cut the potatoes into thin slices. ...
Canapes with Münster cheese
Canapes with Münster cheese are easy to prepare. Cut the bread into slices and spread with spreadable butter. ...
Cheese Goose Breast Salad
Cheese Goose Breast Salad harmonizes very well with the fruity cranberry marinade. Clean field salad and distribute on plates. ...
Knäcke Bread Fingerfood Snack
Knäcke Bread Fingerfood Snack For Knäcke Brot Fingerfood Snack cut the iceberg salad into matching strips and lay in several layers on the Knäcke bread. Cut the Münster cheese into slices and place on the finger food snack. ...
Münster cheese on
Münster cheese on From a mature Münster cheese (45% fat in dry matter), which should have room temperature, cut off the rind. Cut Münster cheese into cubes, place in a bowl and crush with a fork. ...

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