Mountain cheese

Mountain cheese

Berg cheese is made from raw milk. Depending on the fat content, Berg cheese is produced as semi-hard or hard cheese. Depending on the place of origin, the aroma can range from mild to strongly spicy. Berg cheese can be grated and is suitable for gratinating. For cheese salad or as bread topping one can also dice mountain cheese or cut it into slices. It stays fresh in the fridge for about 2 weeks. Berg cheese should not be stored together with other types of cheese as its intense aroma is transmitted.

All data per 100 g:
384 kcal
0 g
29 g
30 g

Recipes with Mountain cheese

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Cheese hedgehog
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Cheese Mushroom Spätzle
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Cheese spaetzle with zucchini
Cheese spaetzle with zucchini Cheese Spätzle with zucchini taste particularly hearty with spicy mountain cheese. First rinse the zucchini, rub dry and remove the end pieces. ...
Cheese Spätzle with bacon
Cheese Spätzle with bacon is a hearty dish that satiates well and tastes hearty. First cut the streaky bacon into cubes. ...
Eggplant zucchini casserole
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Noodle casserole with peas
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Onion flat bread
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Paprika Cheese Salad
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