Mortadella is available in different varieties. The Italian Mortadella differs substantially from the German Mortadella by the method of preparation, spices and size taste. Italian Mortadella is prepared from fine pork meat with coarse pieces of fat and, depending on the variety, also contains pine nuts. The very large sausages, which weigh up to 100 kg, are then baked in the oven and sold in wafer-thin slices as cold cuts. The sausage slices of the German Mortadella have a much smaller diameter. Deutsche Mortadella is a boiled sausage that is lightly smoked and tastes different due to the addition of other spices. As a cold cut, it is usually cut into slightly thicker slices. In my recipes I like to use the Italian mortadella, but it can also be replaced by German mortadella.

All data per 100 g:
286 kcal
0 g
18 g
24 g

Recipes with Mortadella

Mortadella Canapes
Mortadella Canapes should be covered only shortly before serving so that the tender Mortadella remains as fresh as possible. Cut the baguette into slices and spread with a thin layer of soft butter. ...
Noodle salad with mortadella
Noodle salad with mortadella looks particularly decorative with mussel noodles. Cook the pasta, drain into a sieve and leave to cool in cold water. ...
Tramezzini with mortadella
Tramezzini with mortadella is an Italian sandwich. Cut tramezzini diagonally to form triangles. ...

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