Milk thick

Milk thick

Dick milk has a much milder taste than yoghurt, which often tastes sour. That's why Dick Milk is also better suited for muesli, as you can leave out sugar and only need to sweeten with dried fruits. Dick milk has a fat content of 3.5% to 10%. It is obtained from cow milk and gets its thick consistency from the bacterial milk acid formation from milk sugar. Dick Milch is also used for the production of curd cheese and sour milk cheese.

All data per 100 g:
63 kcal
5 g
4 g
4 g

Recipes with Milk thick

Aioli Light
Aioli Light is a low calorie alternative to the classic Aioli and goes very well with fondue with meat or as a dip to oven potatoes. Aioli Light is very quick and easy to prepare. ...
Bircher Dick Milk Muesli
Bircher Dick Milk Muesli is a healthy breakfast that can be prepared quickly, tastes fresh and satiates. In contrast to the classic Bircher muesli, the Bircher Dick Milch muesli does not require long swelling times. ...
Calamari with garlic sauce
Calamari with garlic sauce For calamari with garlic sauce, preheat deep fryer to 180° C. Fry calamares ink fish in two portions for 2 to 3 minutes. ...
Carrots Zucchini Wafers
Carrots Zucchini Wafers Carrots Zucchini waffles taste hearty and are served with a creamy garlic dip. For the carrots zucchini waffles first peel carrots. ...
Chicken nuggets in beer batter
Chicken nuggets in beer batter are deep-fried and taste especially crispy. For the beer batter, first pour 125 g wheat flour type 405 into a bowl. ...
Ciabatta au gratin
Ciabatta au gratin If fresh ciabatta is used, it can be topped immediately and then baked. However, if you only get ciabatta to bake, it should first be baked according to instructions, then topped and then baked again. ...
Cold dish with cucumber and prawns
Cold dish with cucumber and prawns Cold peel with cucumber and crab not only tastes very refreshing on hot summer days, it can also be prepared in large quantities and served as an appetizer. Fresh baguette tastes very good with it. ...
Cranberry Milk Shake
Cranberry Milk Shake This Cranberry Milk Shake tastes very refreshing and gets a slightly tart note through the cranberry juice. Pour the thick milk into a blender jug. ...
Egg salad with dill
Egg salad with dill can be prepared quickly and easily. It is low in calories and also tastes very good as bread topping. ...

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