Milan salami

Milan salami

Milan Salami or Salame Milano is made from pure pork meat in natural casings. It is very finely grained, with the white fat clearly distinguishing itself from the red meat. It contains peppercorns. Milan salami has a very spicy aroma. It is cut into wafer-thin slices.

All data per 100 g:
363 kcal
1 g
24 g
28 g

Recipes with Milan salami

Antipasti with ham
Antipasti with ham goes very well with fresh ciabatta and wine. Cut Coppa ham into thin slices, fold twice, turn into roses and place on small antipasti plates. ...
Canapes with salami
Canapes with salami taste very good with Milan salami. Cut the bread into slices. ...
Party sausage skewers
Party sausage skewers can be used very well to fill gaps of cold plates. When preparing for a party, there are often leftovers of cold cuts and vegetables that can be processed so quickly. ...
Penne salad with salami
Penne salad with salami For the Penne salad with salami, it is best to use thinly sliced Milan salami. Cook the penne until al dente, let it cool in cold water and drain well. ...
Pizza con tutto
Pizza con tutto is particularly suitable for the recycling of vegetable residues. The dough is thin and crispy. ...
Pizza della casa
Pizza della casa means house style. When baked on a pizza stone, it becomes particularly crispy. ...
Pizza Prosciutto e Salami
Pizza Prosciutto e Salami Prepare pizza dough from yeast according to the basic recipe (see recipe) and roll out to a rectangle so that approx. 1/2 baking tray can be laid out with it. Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper. ...
Pizza Sandwich
Pizza Sandwich is prepared in the sandwich toaster. It is important not to use tomato slices as they give too much juice and then soak the pizza sandwich and glue the sandwich toaster. ...
Salami Lasagna
Salami Lasagna Salami lasagne is refined with creamy ricotta. Preheat baking oven to 200° C. ...

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