Mayonnaise is a cold-mixed emulsion of egg yolk and oil. Most mayonnaises are prepared with sunflower oil. However, rapeseed oil is better. Finished mayonnaise has the advantage that it has a longer shelf life, but in terms of taste it does not come close to fresh mayonnaise. Mayonnaise should always be kept well chilled and closed. Mayonnaise contains between 50% and 80% fat. It is mainly used for potato salad or noodle salad and dips, but is also suitable as a butter substitute for coating sandwiches, canapes or sandwiches.

All data per 100 g:
500 kcal
12 g
1 g
50 g

Recipes with Mayonnaise

Anchovies Tuna Salad
Anchovies Tuna Salad For the anchovy tuna salad, first hard-boil the eggs, cool in cold water, peel and cut into eights. Head salad in fine strips cut and on plates arrange. ...
Artichokes Roast beef Meat Salad
Artichokes Roast beef Meat Salad is served with a creamy sauce that is spicy. For the meat salad roast beef cold cuts in strips cut. ...
Asparagus mousse
Asparagus mousse can be served as a light starter with buttered roasted toast corners, or as a small snack with toast with smoked salmon or as a filling for ham rolls with cooked ham. It is best to prepare the asparagus mousse in good time and let it cool well in the refrigerator for at least 2-3 hours. ...
Asparagus Salad
Asparagus Salad For the salad, peel the asparagus, cut into slices and place in a pot. Lightly cover the asparagus with water. ...
Asparagus salad with egg
Asparagus salad with egg The special thing about Asparagus Salad with Egg is that it is prepared with fresh asparagus, which makes it very aromatic. Peel the asparagus, cut it into pieces, put it in a pot and cover with water. ...
Aubergines Potato Salad
Aubergines Potato Salad For the aubergine potato salad, first boil the peel of potatoes. Cut the eggplant, paprika, onions and garlic into small cubes. ...
Avocado Prawns Cocktail
Avocado Prawns Cocktail Avocado crab cocktail can be served as a small starter with fresh white bread. Prawn Cocktail tastes particularly aromatic with fresh North Sea prawns. ...
Badischer Potato Salad
Badischer Potato Salad Badischer Kartoffel Salad is prepared with bacon and mayonnaise and tastes particularly hearty. Boil the potatoes, peel while still warm and cut into cubes. ...
Baked fish with potato salad
Baked fish with potato salad tastes very tasty and saturates well. For the baked fish in beer batter first pollock fillet rinse and dry. ...

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