Matjes herring

Matjes herring

Matjes herring has a particularly tender, but unfortunately also very fatty meat. Since Matje's herring is pickled in brine, it tastes salty. If the salt taste of the Matjes Herring is too intense for you, you should rinse the Matjes Herring only under running water. If the matjes is still too salty, you can put it in water for a short time if necessary. This makes the matjes herring very mild, but also loses its fine aroma. The Matjes Herring season starts on 31 May and ends at the beginning of July. Matjes herring can be prepared as fish bread rolls, salad for matjes and marinated in cream sauce in the manner of housewives or served with fried potatoes.

All data per 100 g:
267 kcal
0 g
16 g
23 g

Recipes with Matjes herring

Berlin stew cucumbers with matjes
Berlin stew cucumbers with matjes are prepared in a dill cream sauce. First cook the potatoes as boiled potatoes in about 20 minutes. ...
Bremen Labskaus
Bremen Labskaus Bremer Labskaus is a traditional seafaring dish. The typical colour of the Bremer Labskaus comes from cured cattle breast. ...
Canapes with matjes
Canapes with matjes taste particularly hearty when served on a rustic wholemeal baguette. For this, cut the whole grain baguette into slightly thicker slices and spread thinly with butter. ...
Danish Matjes Salad
Danish Matjes Salad is easy to prepare and tastes very good with black bread. Cut the matjes, pork roasts, onions and cucumbers into cubes and mix with the matjes. ...
East Frisian Potato Salad
East Frisian Potato Salad is prepared with matjes and shrimps. Pell potatoes boil and drain. ...
Farmer Potato Salad with Matjes Herring
Farmer Potato Salad with Matjes Herring is served lukewarm. Pell potatoes boil. ...
Fish roll with matjes salad
Fish roll with matjes salad The matjes salad for the fish rolls can be very well prepared and covered in the fridge let draw. Fish bread rolls only shortly before serving with Matjes salad to cover, so that they remain crispy. ...
Fish starters plate
Fish starters plate This fish starter plate is quick and easy to prepare. Arrange salmon decoratively on a plate or wooden board. ...
Hamburg Labskaus
Hamburg Labskaus Hamburger Labskaus is prepared with corned beef and beetroot and served with fried egg. Smoked matjes taste particularly good with it. ...

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