Mango (English mango, French mango, Italian mango, Spanish mango) belong to the stone fruit family. The mango originates from India, but is also cultivated in Australia, Brazil, Kenya, South Africa, USA and Mexico. In India, the mango is a national fruit of religious importance to Buddhists and Hindus. Mango trees grow up to 25 meters high and can live up to 100 years. There are about 1000 different types of mango, which differ mainly in size, colour and shape. The skin can be green-red to yellow. The shape is round-oval, sometimes slightly kidney-shaped. The sweet yellow-orange flesh is sometimes somewhat fibrous, but very juicy. The large core in the middle and the shell cannot be eaten. The bowl is very easy to remove. The more aromatic mangos smell, the more mature they are. The shell should yield slightly under slight pressure. Of all the fruits, the mango has the highest provitamin A content. She's also very rich in vitamin C. You get mangoes all year round. They can be eaten raw, processed into dessert creams, served as a side dish with meat or poultry or used to prepare mango chutney. You should be careful, as the mango juice leaves stubborn stains.

All data per 100 g:
56 kcal
17 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Mango

Adams Delight non-alcoholic
Adams Delight non-alcoholic is a fruity long drink with a slightly creamy consistency. Adams Delight non-alcoholic is served in a pre-cooled cocktail bowl. ...
Arab Mango Dessert
Arab Mango Dessert For Arabic mango dessert use large ripe mangoes. Peel a mango, cut the flesh into small pieces and pour into a mixing bowl. ...
Canapes with turkey ham
Canapes with turkey ham taste particularly hearty with smoked turkey ham. For the canapes first cut baguette into slices. ...
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry is prepared in the wok. Chicken breast fillet in strips cut. ...
Chicken rice salad
Chicken rice salad For the chicken rice salad, the chicken breast fillet is spread with honey and seasoned with curry, which makes it taste very good with the sweet spicy mango. Pour the rice into a pot, cover lightly with water, cover with a lid and bring the rice to the boil once. ...
Chicken sweet sour
Chicken sweet sour Chicken sweet and sour can be prepared quickly and easily. Pour rice into a pot. ...
Chicory Salad with Chicken Breast
Chicory Salad with Chicken Breast is a fruity salad with a piquant spiciness. From a mango that is as ripe as possible and whose skin gives way at slight pressure, cut off two thick slices along the sides of the large central core. ...
Chocolate mousse black-white
Chocolate mousse black-white The two creams for the mousse au chocolat must be placed in the refrigerator for 24 hours. That is why this dessert can be prepared particularly well. ...
Cocktail Mango Daiquiri
Cocktail Mango Daiquiri For the Mango Daiquiri cocktail, peel a quarter of the mango (approx. 30 g), remove the flesh from the pit and pour into a mixing bowl. Add the juice of a lime and sugar. ...

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