Maize semolina

Maize semolina

Maize semolina is mainly used to prepare the Italian national dish polenta. But you can also use corn semolina for croquettes, dumplings, pancakes or desserts and cakes. Maize semolina can be boiled in milk, broth or water and needs only a few minutes to swell. Maize semolina consists of ground maize, which gives it its intense yellow colour. The grain size lies between grist and flour.

All data per 100 g:
357 kcal
74 g
9 g
3 g

Recipes with Maize semolina

Bacalhau com Leite de Coco & Polenta
Bacalhau com Leite de Coco & Polenta means stockfish with coconut milk and polenta. With this Brazilian speciality the Bacalhau is cooked in coconut milk and served with polenta or rice as desired. ...
Gamberetti con Polenta
Gamberetti con Polenta For Gamberetti con Polenta first boil water with a strong pinch of salt until it bubbles up. Set the temperature back to the lowest level. ...
polenta bolognese
Polenta bolognese For Polenta Bolognese, bring the broth to the boil and stir in the corn semolina. Let the polenta swell at low temperature for 10 minutes. ...
Polenta Cheese Taler
Polenta Cheese Taler For Polenta Cheese Taler, first boil water in a saucepan. Add one level teaspoon of salt. ...
Polenta corn porridge
Polenta corn porridge Polenta is a maize porridge originally from northern Italy, served with parmesan and butter. This basic recipe can be used in many ways. ...
Polenta curd dumplings
Polenta curd dumplings For polenta curd dumplings first boil milk, butter and salt in a pot. Add corn semolina all at once, stirring with a wooden spoon. ...
Polenta in sage butter
Polenta in sage butter For polenta in sage butter use as fresh sage leaves as possible. First, slowly pour the polenta (corn semolina) into boiling salted water, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. ...
Polenta Parmesan Taler
Polenta Parmesan Taler For polenta parmesan thaler, use freshly grated parmesan. Slowly pour the polenta (corn semolina) into boiling salted water, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon. ...
Polenta with beans
Polenta with beans is prepared with fresh green beans and fresh mushrooms. It is best to use two pans for frying. ...

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