Lime (German) or lime (French) are smaller than lemons, but contain more juice. They belong to the lozenge family. The ripeness of a lime can be recognized by the dark green colour of the shiny skin. The darker and stronger the green, the riper and juicier the lime. If the skin looks yellow, the lime is already overripe and dries out more easily. As the shell is usually untreated, it is particularly suitable for rubbing. The lime should of course be thoroughly washed and dried beforehand. The shell contains aromatic essential oils. The peel is mainly used for seasoning. The juice is a little milder and not as sour as lemon juice. It contains approx. 6-7% citric acid and tastes slightly spicy-herb. Lime juice contains slightly less vitamin C than lemon juice. In contrast to lemons, the yellow flesh of the fruit contains no seeds. That's why they're good for decoration. Fruit salads or mixed leaf salads get a special touch if they are prepared with lime juice instead of lemon juice. Lemons are also used for drinks such as caipirinha.

All data per 100 g:
49 kcal
11 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Lime

Albondigas Tapas with Guacamole
Albondigas Tapas with Guacamole get a piquant spiciness from chilli. For the albondigas, first season the minced meat with pepper, salt and paprika powder. ...
Aperol Gin Tonic Bowle
Aperol Gin Tonic Bowle tastes bitter and fruity. Squeeze the juice of the grapefruit, 3 oranges and lime and pour through a sieve into a container. ...
Apple punch
Apple punch This apple punch is prepared with tart cider and gets its dark colour from sweetening with sugar beet syrup. Pour the apple juice into a small saucepan and season with a cinnamon stick and cloves. ...
Asparagus salad with ham
Asparagus salad with ham is prepared with raw asparagus and Parma ham. The best way is to peel thicker stalks of white asparagus, cut off the woody ends and slice the asparagus as thinly as possible. ...
Asparagus with lime hollandaise
Asparagus with lime hollandaise For asparagus with lime hollandaise, first boil new potatoes as jacket potatoes. Peel the asparagus and cut off the woody ends. ...
Avocado Cream
Avocado Cream is particularly suitable as a side dish with steak. It also tastes very good as a bread spread or dip. ...
Avocado Pesto
Avocado Pesto goes very well with spaghetti and can be easily diluted with some cooking water. The undiluted avocado pesto also tastes good as a dip or bread spread. ...
Avocado Soup
Avocado Soup This creamy avocado soup can be served hot or cold. The avocado soup tastes particularly aromatic when prepared with a strong home-cooked chicken broth. ...
Avocado Tuna Salad
Avocado Tuna Salad For avocado tuna salad first drain tuna and pour into a bowl. Cut the red onions into fine cubes and mix in. ...

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