Light mayonnaise

Light mayonnaise

Light mayonnaise is a mayonnaise with a reduced fat content of 10%, so that for example potato salad, pasta salad or egg salad calories can be saved. Light mayonnaise tastes like mayonnaise, but is not quite as firm in consistency.

All data per 100 g:
140 kcal
11 g
0 g
11 g

Recipes with Light mayonnaise

Aioli Eggs Salad
Aioli Eggs Salad This aioli egg salad is prepared with prawns. Boil the eggs hard. ...
Aioli Light
Aioli Light is a low calorie alternative to the classic Aioli and goes very well with fondue with meat or as a dip to oven potatoes. Aioli Light is very quick and easy to prepare. ...
Beef rump steak with salad
Beef rump steak with salad To beef rump steak with salad is served homemade cocktail sauce. Mix yogurt, light mayonnaise, milk, mustard and tomato paste. ...
Boiled beef with rosemary potatoes
Boiled beef with rosemary potatoes is served with aioli and offers a delicious alternative to the classic horseradish sauce. For the boiled beef, first clean the soups, coarsely chop the vegetables and put them in a pot. ...
Broad Beans Potato Salad
Broad Beans Potato Salad For broad bean potato salad, first cook firm boiling potatoes as peel potatoes. Mix light mayonnaise and herb vinegar. ...
Caesar veal cutlet baguette
Caesar veal cutlet baguette For Caesar Veal Sliced Baguette, first toast pine nuts in a pan without adding fat. Remove from heat. ...
Camembert Fondue Sauce
Camembert Fondue Sauce goes very well with meat fondue. If possible take creamy Camembert cheese out of the fridge in time. ...
Camembert tomatoes bread spread
Camembert tomatoes bread spread For Camembert tomato bread spread best use a ripe slightly spicy Camembert. Take Camembert out of the fridge in time to soften it. ...
Carrot noodle salad
Carrot noodle salad For carrot pasta salad first cook fork spaghetti. Stir a salad dressing from light mayonnaise, crème fraîche and milk. ...

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