Lentils a. d. box

Lentils a. d. box

Lentils from the can are already precooked. This saves you longer swelling times and you only need to warm the lenses from the can for a short time. The cans contain 425 ml lentils, water and salt. The lentils can be used for stews, soups or as vegetables. Salads can also be prepared with canned lentils.

All data per 100 g:
84 kcal
12 g
6 g
1 g

Recipes with Lentils a. d. box

Arabic lentils with rice
Arabic lentils with rice are served with yoghurt and fried onions. Pour rice into a pot, add water and season with a pinch of salt. ...
Lentils soup with spaetzle
Lentils soup with spaetzle This lentil soup with spaetzle is quick and easy to prepare. Cut the onions and bacon into cubes, fill into a pot and sauté. ...

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