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Lemons are tropical fruits with an acid taste. They contain lemon acid and have a very high vitamin C content. Lemons belong like oranges or grapefruits to the citrus fruits. Its shape is slightly ovoid and its thick skin is a strong bright yellow. The very sour and slightly spicy fruit flesh is light yellow and very juicy. Ripe lemons can be recognized by their slightly shiny peel, but this is only possible with untreated lemons.

All data per 100 g:
35 kcal
8 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Lemons

Alsatian apple cake
Alsatian apple cake For the Alsatian apple cake flour with 30 g sugar and a pinch of salt mix. Add an egg yolk and diced cold butter. ...
Apple cake without baking
Apple cake without baking For apple cakes without baking first grate biscuits finely. Knead with soft butter. ...
Apple marzipan cake
Apple marzipan cake For the apple marzipan cake I used Cox Orange apples, which have a slightly tart sour note. It is best to prepare the apple marzipan cake one day before serving, as it should solidify overnight in the refrigerator. ...
Apple Rings
Apple Rings can be served warm to fried liver, potato pancakes or heaven and earth. Apple rings also taste cold as a dessert with ice cream or pudding. ...
Apple strudel with leaves dough
Apple strudel with leaves dough tastes at least as good as apple strudel with strudel dough. Since strudel dough is more complicated to prepare and requires some baking experience, this apple strudel with leaves dough is a real alternative. ...
Arab Mango Dessert
Arab Mango Dessert For Arabic mango dessert use large ripe mangoes. Peel a mango, cut the flesh into small pieces and pour into a mixing bowl. ...
Arabian Köfte meatballs
Arabian Köfte meatballs For Arabian Köfte meatballs, first cut lamb leg slices with fat rim into cubes. Turn through the mincer and put into a bowl. ...
Artichokes with herb dip
Artichokes with herb dip Cut off the stems of the artichokes. Break out the lowest leaves. ...
Back Hendl - chicken from the oven
Back Hendl - chicken from the oven Baked chicken - chicken from the oven becomes particularly tender and remains juicy. Preheat oven to 220° C. ...

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