Leek should have a white shaft with no spots, as it can rot quickly. Like onions, leeks should not be stored together with odor-sensitive foods. Leeks can be cooked in soups and stews for seasoning. When leek is stewed in some fat, it becomes particularly tender and aromatic. Make sure that the leek does not turn brown, otherwise it tastes bitter. It is best to carve leeks lengthwise in order to remove the sand between the individual leaf layers during washing. Thin stalks of summer leeks with more delicate green taste milder than the sharper winter leeks.

All data per 100 g:
27 kcal
9 g
2 g
0 g

Recipes with Leeks

Apple Leek Salad
Apple Leek Salad is a classic among party salads. It tastes very refreshing well chilled and can also be prepared very well in large quantities. ...
Asian Chicken Fricassee
Asian Chicken Fricassee is served in a creamy coconut milk sauce and gets its typical taste from lemon grass and coriander. Remove the visible fat under the skin from the chicken legs. ...
Asian noodle soup vegan
Asian noodle soup vegan is served with fried tofu. Break wide rice noodles into bite-sized pieces, pour boiling water over them and let them soak for 10 minutes. ...
Asian Roulades
Asian Roulades taste very good with Basmati rice. Season the roulades with pepper and salt. ...
Asian Spaghetti Salad
Asian Spaghetti Salad replaces a light main meal, but can also be served with meat or poultry. Since the spaghetti salad is prepared Asian without mayonnaise, it can be kept covered in the refrigerator for two days. ...
Asparagus Soufflé Carbonara
Asparagus Soufflé Carbonara The asparagus casserole Carbonara gets a slightly spicy aroma from Prague ham. It looks particularly decorative when yellow and green tagliatelle are used. ...
Bacon cake from the baking sheet
Bacon cake from the baking sheet For bacon cake from the baking tray first boil salt potatoes, drain and let cool. For the dough of bacon cake rye flour and wheat flour mix. ...
Baked baguette
Baked baguette is a hearty snack that can also be easily prepared in large quantities for a party. The amount of Kassler pork chop should be a little bit more, because I only weighed the meat that was released. ...
Baked fish with leek vegetables
Baked fish with leek vegetables For baking fish with leek and vegetables, saithe fillet is fried in baking batter. For the dough mix 125 g flour with 1/8 l milk. ...

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