For some dishes I prepare the ketchup myself. Homemade ketchup tastes much more aromatic and fruity than industrially produced ketchup. In addition, finished ketchup contains up to 30% more sugar. The ketchup can be made with fresh or canned tomatoes. This is a bit more time consuming (about 45 minutes), but easy to do. All you have to do is stir once in a while to make sure nothing burns. Even if you have your own tomatoes in the garden and cannot use them all immediately, you have the possibility to preserve the tomatoes in this way. To do this, pass the finished tomato paste through a sieve and briefly bring the sauce to the boil again. Immediately decant into cooked jars with screw caps or glass bottles and close well. This keeps the ketchup well chilled for a few weeks.

All data per 100 g:
105 kcal
20 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Ketchup

American Corn Dog
American Corn Dog are like small hot dogs, for which short sausages are fried in a dough coat. For the batter, mix fine corn flour with wheat flour, baking powder, a level teaspoon of salt and sugar. ...
American dressing
American dressing can be used in many different ways and goes particularly well with fresh salads. For American dressing, stir yoghurt with cream Fraiche until smooth. ...
American salad
American salad is prepared with homemade American dressing. Cut the chicken breast fillet into cubes. ...
American sandwich
American sandwich For American sandwich, rinse and dry 2 iceberg lettuce leaves. Slice red onion. ...
Bayan Macaroni Pie
Bayan Macaroni Pie The recipe for Bajan Macaroni Pie comes directly from Barbados. There the Bajan Macaroni Pie is often served as a side dish e.g. with chicken goulash. ...
BBQ cutlet and glazed onions
BBQ cutlet and glazed onions BBQ chops and glazed onions are served with potato wedges. Preheat baking oven to 200° C. ...
BBQ Grilled pork roast
BBQ Grilled pork roast BBQ pork roast from the grill is prepared with lean tender Lummer roast and tastes very piquant by the marinade. Remnants of BBQ pork roast can also be served cold as thinly sliced roast cold cuts. ...
BBQ spare ribs
BBQ spare ribs can be prepared with thicker rib, which is fleshier, or with peel ribs of pork. I used the smaller peel ribs for this recipe. ...
Beef Steak Dürüm Döner
Beef Steak Dürüm Döner is served with a homemade spicy kebab sauce. Mix yogurt, sour cream and ketchup. ...

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