Instant broth

instant broth

Instant broth consists mostly of dried soup vegetables that were ground to powder. There are different varieties with vegetables, chicken or beef. Instant broth dissolves best in hot water. It can be used as a basis for soups and stews. Instant broth can also be used to season sauces, rice or meat dishes.

All data per 100 g:
200 kcal
30 g
10 g
2 g

Recipes with Instant broth

Asian Chicken Fricassee
Asian Chicken Fricassee is served in a creamy coconut milk sauce and gets its typical taste from lemon grass and coriander. Remove the visible fat under the skin from the chicken legs. ...
Asparagus toast au gratin
Asparagus toast au gratin Asparagus toast can be baked quickly and easily. Preheat baking oven to 200° C. ...
Avocado Cream Rice Salad
Avocado Cream Rice Salad tastes very good as a side dish with steak or schnitzel. For the rice salad cut an onion into cubes. ...
Bacalhau com Leite de Coco & Polenta
Bacalhau com Leite de Coco & Polenta means stockfish with coconut milk and polenta. With this Brazilian speciality the Bacalhau is cooked in coconut milk and served with polenta or rice as desired. ...
Bacon dumplings
Bacon dumplings can be served as a hearty side dish with roast meat or sauerkraut, but can also be served as a soup in strong beef broth. For the bacon dumplings, first whip a medium organic egg into a bowl and whisk with milk. ...
Badische Flädle Soup
Badische Flädle Soup is a classic among soups. For the Badische Flädle soup, place high rib and marrow bone in a pot. ...
Beans stew with soups meat
Beans stew with soups meat This bean stew with soups meat is prepared with white and green beans and tastes particularly savory. If you take care to get a good quality of the soup meat with little fat and sinews, you will get extra meat for the bean stew. ...
Beef goulash soup in roman pot
Beef goulash soup in roman pot is very easy to prepare. The meat becomes very tender. ...
Beef goulash with kohlrabi
Beef goulash with kohlrabi is particularly tender, since the beef goulash about 3 hours slowly stews. For the beef goulash first peel onions and roughly divide them. ...

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