Ice Water

Ice Water

Ice water (English iced water, French eau frappé, Italian acqua ghiacciato, Spanish agua helado) is used in the kitchen, for example, to quench blanched vegetables. After a short immersion of vegetables in hot water, the vegetables are quenched in ice water so that the cooking process is interrupted and the vegetables retain their strong colour. Ice water is also often used for the preparation of shortcrust pastry, as shortcrust pastry is best processed when it is kneaded as quickly as possible and well chilled. Ice water can easily be produced by adding as much ice water as possible to fresh cold tap water.

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Recipes with Ice Water

Alsatian apple cake
Alsatian apple cake For the Alsatian apple cake flour with 30 g sugar and a pinch of salt mix. Add an egg yolk and diced cold butter. ...
Apple Pie Apple Cake
Apple Pie Apple Cake This Apple Pie Apple Cake recipe I got from America. If you don't have a pie pan (22 cm diameter), you can also bake the Apple Pie Apple Cake in a quiche pan or springform pan. ...
Mangold Cheese Quiche
Mangold Cheese Quiche gets its fine aroma from mild goat cheese. For the shortcrust pastry of chard cheese pour quiche flour into a bowl. ...
Mini Quiche Lorraine
Mini Quiche Lorraine taste particularly good with fresh head salad or mixed salad. For Mini Quiche Lorraine first prepare a short dough. ...
Mushroom Quiche
Mushroom Quiche For mushroom quiche fresh mushrooms are used, because they taste very aromatic. First prepare the shortcrust pastry for the mushroom quiche. ...
Onion cake
Onion cake This classic onion cake is prepared with shortcrust pastry. Wheat flour type 405, 60 g cold butter, salt, ice water and white wine vinegar knead briskly. ...
Quiche is a spicy cake made of shortcrust pastry, topped with a hearty topping of vegetables, herbs and ham and gratinated with a pour of eggs and sour cream. Quiche can also be prepared with other vegetables, spicy cheese and cream. ...
Savoy cabbage quiche
Savoy cabbage quiche This savoy cabbage quiche is prepared with cooked ham and gouda. Mix flour and salt. ...
Savoy cabbage quiche with bratwurst
Savoy cabbage quiche with bratwurst tastes hearty and can be prepared very well. The shortcrust pastry is pre-baked with baking paper and dried peas. ...

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