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Horseradish is also called horseradish in Austria. Fresh horseradish is available on the market from late September to April, with the main season running from October to early November. Horseradish should be as straight as possible and sold whole. Cut horseradish dries out too quickly. The meat should be as white as possible. In the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator it lasts up to 4 weeks. Merlot tastes hot and is used to season sauces. It goes very well with boiled beef, ham and sausages.

All data per 100 g:
75 kcal
11 g
1 g
1 g

Recipes with Horseradish

Apple Horseradish Sauce
Apple Horseradish Sauce goes very well with cold cuts of roast meat, smoked trout or salmon. Apple horseradish sauce tastes best when prepared fresh. ...
Baked meatballs in the oven
Baked meatballs in the oven Baked meatballs can also be prepared in larger quantities on the baking tray. Knead minced meat, egg, breadcrumbs, flour, mustard, grated horseradish, salt and cayenne pepper. ...
Boiled beef with fried potatoes
Boiled beef with fried potatoes Green beans and apple horseradish taste great with Tafelspitz and fried potatoes. Soups Vegetables and onion clean, roughly crush and in a large pot fill. ...
Boiled beef with horseradish
Boiled beef with horseradish Freshly grated horseradish is used for boiled beef with horseradish. For the broth, pour plenty of water into a pot. ...
Boiled beef with horseradish sauce
Boiled beef with horseradish sauce is a classic recipe for the preparation of very tender beef. Pour 1.5 litres of water into a pot. ...
braised roast
Braised roast This braised roast is served with a very spicy sauce. Beef stew roast season with pepper and salt and rub with Dijon mustard thinly. ...
Carp blue
Carp blue In order for the carp to become blue from the vinegar, the outer layer of slime must not be damaged. Only touch the carp with wet hands. ...
Carp in beer dough
Carp in beer dough is served with a fresh horseradish dip. It is best to have the carp cut into fillets by the fish dealer. ...
Cranberry Horseradish Fondue Sauce
Cranberry Horseradish Fondue Sauce For the cranberry horseradish mix Fondue Sauce Sour Cream, finely grated horseradish and cranberry jelly and season with salt and pepper. The cranberry fondue sauce can also be prepared with horseradish cream from the glass. ...

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