Honey Melon

Honey Melon

Honey melon has a firm smooth and slightly ribbed yellow skin. The sweet and very tasty fruit flesh looks whitish yellow. The more ripe the honey melon is, the more intensely it smells and the more aromatic it tastes. Honey melon tastes particularly good when served chilled. Cover the cut honey melon with cling film and store in the refrigerator. She keeps herself fresh there for a few days. Honey melon not only tastes good as a dessert, but also goes very well with Parma or Serrano ham.

All data per 100 g:
21 kcal
12 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Honey Melon

Avocado Melon Smoothie
Avocado Melon Smoothie For the avocado melon smoothie first pour large ice cubes into a mixing cup. Add the yoghurt. ...
Elderberry blossom jam with melon
Elderberry blossom jam with melon harmonizes particularly well with the fine aroma of a honey melon. Place the elderberry flowers in a bowl with the stem up, add water, cover and leave to stand overnight. ...
Fennel salad with ham and melon
Fennel salad with ham and melon tastes particularly aromatic with thinly sliced air-dried ham. Clean the fennel, cut out the thick middle stalk wedge-shaped on the underside. ...
Fruit salad with curd cream
Fruit salad with curd cream tastes best with fresh ripe fruits of the season. The fruit salad can be prepared very well and kept covered in the refrigerator. ...
Honey Melon Cocktail
Honey Melon Cocktail For the honey melon cocktail cut a honey melon in half and remove the seeds. Remove the fruit from the flesh with a scoop of cookie cutter and fill into a bowl with the collected juice. ...
Honey Melon Ice Cream
Honey Melon Ice Cream For the honey melon ice cream first cut a honey melon in half. Remove melon seeds. ...
Honey Melon Milk Shake
Honey Melon Milk Shake Prepare honey melon milk shake with well chilled ingredients. Cut the melons and mango into cubes and put into a mixing bowl. ...
Honey melon with coconut milk
Honey melon with coconut milk is a Thai dessert called Täng Thai Naam Gatih. It is served chilled. ...
Melon Bowl
Melon Bowl is a non-alcoholic refreshment that can be easily prepared even in larger quantities. Halve one water melon and one honey melon. ...

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