Herbs Vinegar

Herbs Vinegar

Herbal vinegar contains a herbal mixture of dried herbs and spices, which give the vinegar a mildly spicy note. Depending on the manufacturer, herbal vinegar is made from a mixture of e.g. Brannt wine vinegar, white wine vinegar and apple vinegar. Herb vinegar is particularly suitable for tomato salad, cucumber salad, potato salad and noodle salad. It is also used for pickling spice cucumbers or mustard cucumbers.

All data per 100 g:
17 kcal
0 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Herbs Vinegar

American celery salad
American celery salad tastes better the longer it's steeped. Peel the celery, grate coarsely and fill into a salad bowl. ...
Bacon Potato Salad with fried herring
Bacon Potato Salad with fried herring is a hearty dish that gets its special aroma from the crispy fried bacon. By using fat bacon, no extra oil is needed for the marinade of bacon potato salad. ...
Bavarian Potato Salad
Bavarian Potato Salad is served with fine strips of fried meat loaf and roasted onion rings. Boil the potatoes as a coat, drain and leave to cool in cold water. ...
Bean salad with paprika
Bean salad with paprika This bean salad with paprika tastes very good as a side dish with grilled or short roasted steak. It is very quick and easy to prepare. ...
Bean salad with pears
Bean salad with pears This autumnal bean salad with pears is a small starter, which harmonizes very well with hearty dishes from the North German cuisine. Wash, clean and halve the green beans. ...
Beef Steak with Potato Salad
Beef Steak with Potato Salad For beef steak with potato salad first peel potatoes, cut into slices and fill into a pot. Cover with broth. ...
Broad Beans Potato Salad
Broad Beans Potato Salad For broad bean potato salad, first cook firm boiling potatoes as peel potatoes. Mix light mayonnaise and herb vinegar. ...
Cucumber spice
Cucumber spice Cucumbers can be used in many different ways. Wash the cucumbers and soak them overnight in a litre of water with 120 g salt. ...
Danish salad
Danish salad can also be served as a small starter together with hearty farmhouse bread. Boil eggs hard, cool in cold water, peel and halve. ...

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