Harz scooter

Harz scooter

Harzer Roller is also called Harzer cheese (Austrian Quargel). It is a sour milk cheese made from skimmed curd cheese, which is produced in the Harz foothills. Harzer Roller is coated with an edible, light white layer of milk mould due to the raw material. Since sour milk cheese matures from the outside to the inside, it is possible that the Harzer Roller has a slightly firmer white core in the middle, while the cheese already looks slightly yellowish on the outside. To allow the Harzer Roller to mature completely, it is best to leave it at room temperature for 1-2 days before serving. It tastes more aromatic if it is not served directly from the fridge. It can be marinated and served as a salad or as a topping for bread. Harzer Roller also tastes particularly good on lard bread. Harzer Roller is originally the name of a canary, which is bred in the Harz. Since the cheese is also sold in roll form, it is also popularly called Harzer Roller.

All data per 100 g:
113 kcal
0 g
27 g
1 g

Recipes with Harz scooter

Field salad with cheese
Field salad with cheese is low in calories and tastes great as a starter or snack with fresh farmer bread. If possible, use a mature Harzer roller with no white core in the middle. ...
Hand Cheese Fondue
Hand Cheese Fondue tastes very spicy and goes well with small potatoes. For the hand cheese fondue first boil jacket potatoes. ...
Harz cheese canapes
Harz cheese canapes are particularly hearty and taste good on rustic baguette. It is best to remove the Harzer Roller from the refrigerator in good time and let it mature at room temperature until it begins to soften. ...
Harz cheese salad
Harz cheese salad Harzer cheese salad is prepared with Harzer Roller which is as mature as possible and which should no longer have a white core in the middle. For this purpose, it is best to leave the cheese at room temperature for one or two days. ...

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