Ground cinnamon

Ground cinnamon

Ground cinnamon tastes sweet and spicy and gives dishes a slight spiciness. China cinnamon tastes a bit hotter and more bitter, while Ceylon cinnamon has a more floral aroma. Ground cinnamon is used for the Christmas bakery to season biscuits, cakes and sweet dishes, compote, plum puree and roast apples. Even hearty dishes from Mexican, Greek and Arabic cuisine are seasoned with ground cinnamon.

All data per 100 g:
274 kcal
56 g
4 g
3 g

Recipes with Ground cinnamon

Aachener Printen Cookie
Aachener Printen Cookie For Aachener Printen Plätzchen, heat honey with sugar while stirring lightly until the sugar has dissolved. Take the pot off the stove. ...
Almond brittle biscuits
Almond brittle biscuits taste similar to Florentines and can be prepared very quickly. Preheat baking oven to 200° C or convection oven to 180° C. ...
Almond Ice
Almond Ice The amount of almond ice cream is enough for three scoops per person. Roast the almonds in a pan while stirring until they start to smell. ...
Amaretti biscuits
Amaretti biscuits are Italian almond biscuits which can be served with desserts such as tiramisu and ice cream, espresso, latte macchiato or amaretto. The large quantity of 150 pieces is due to the fact that the Amaretti biscuits are very small. ...
Amaretti biscuits with plum
Amaretti biscuits with plum For Amaretti biscuits with plum egg whites beat until stiff. Gradually add sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. ...
Apple Bread
Apple Bread Peel apples, quarter, remove core and grate. Mix with sugar and leave to stand overnight. ...
Apple Cake
Apple Cake This apple cake tastes particularly aromatic with freshly cooked apple compote. Cut butter into flakes and knead with powdered sugar. ...
Apple cake in beer dough
Apple cake in beer dough are baked in the deep fryer. The beer serves only as a fine aroma carrier, but does not taste intensely. ...
Apple cake with pudding
Apple cake with pudding tastes well chilled very refreshing. That's enough for half a baking tray. ...

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