Grated Emmentaler

Grated Emmentaler

Grated Emmentaler with 45% fat in dry matter is available in different qualities. It is best to make sure that the grated Emmentaler is made from raw milk. It is also available lactose-free and without the usual release agents. Normally you can grate fresh Emmentaler yourself. Grated Emmentaler is an alternative for those who either don't own a cheese mill or only need a small amount of cheese and don't want to buy a larger piece of Emmentaler. Grated Emmentaler can be used to gratinate gratin, pizza, quiche or casserole. This spicy cheese is also suitable for pasta or salads.

All data per 100 g:
395 kcal
0 g
29 g
31 g

Recipes with Grated Emmentaler

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Cheese Spätzle with ham
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