Gorgonzola cheese

Gorgonzola cheese

Gorgonzola cheese is an Italian cow's milk cheese, named after one of the places where it is produced. Gorgonzola cheese has been produced since the 11th century. It has a reddish rind and a creamy white to yellowish dough, which is streaked with blue-green mold. Gorgonzola cheese can be enjoyed as an appetizer e.g. with white bread and olives, in salads, in sauces, as pasta fillings, with baked potatoes, on a cheese platter, or with fruits.

All data per 100 g:
395 kcal
2 g
21 g
33 g

Recipes with Gorgonzola cheese

Beans minced meat rice casserole
Beans minced meat rice casserole Beans minced rice casserole is baked with a creamy gorgonzola sauce. Cook the rice and beans. ...
Blue cheese dressing
Blue cheese dressing is a spicy salad dressing, which can also be served with baked potatoes, baked potatoes, jacket potatoes or grill sauce. Season the mayonnaise with pepper from the mill and Worcester sauce. ...
Broccoli Cream Soup with Gorgonzola
Broccoli Cream Soup with Gorgonzola tastes very piquant through the cheese. Remove the florets from the broccoli. ...
Bruschetta with Gorgonzola
Bruschetta with Gorgonzola tastes particularly crispy with fresh ciabatta bread. Cut four slightly thicker slices from the ciabatta bread and roast in a toaster. ...
Cannelloni with spinach filling
Cannelloni with spinach filling For cannelloni with spinach filling use fresh spinach leaf if possible. If frozen spinach is used, it must first be defrosted and drained well. ...
Cappelletti with Three Cheese Sauce
Cappelletti with Three Cheese Sauce For Cappelletti with Three Cheese Sauce, first let out butter in a pan. Add cream and milk. ...
Cheese snails finger food
Cheese snails finger food Cheese snails are easy to prepare. Take the fresh dough for croissants from the refrigerated shelf out of the package. ...
Chicken Cheese Sandwich
Chicken Cheese Sandwich For chicken cheese sandwich the chicken breast fillet in oil from both sides briefly fry vigorously. Switch temperature to medium level. ...
Chicken in cheese sauce
Chicken in cheese sauce tastes particularly aromatic with spicy gorgonzola. The almond crust keeps the chicken breast fillet juicy while frying. ...

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