Goats Fresh cheese

Goats Fresh cheese

Goat Fresh cheese with a fat content in dry matter of 45 % is a creamy fresh cheese made from goat milk. Because goat fresh cheese is very mild and only has a fine goat milk aroma, it is particularly suitable for those who shy away from the otherwise rather strict taste of goat cheese. Goat fresh cheese differs in taste from sheep cheese.

All data per 100 g:
167 kcal
3 g
10 g
12 g

Recipes with Goats Fresh cheese

Aubergines Fingerfood
Aubergines Fingerfood Aubergine finger food is very good and easy to prepare. Cut the aubergines into thin slices. ...
Canapes with Figs Cheese Dip
Canapes with Figs Cheese Dip For canapes with figs cheese dip fresh olive baguette into slices. For the dip goats mix fresh cheese with fig jam. ...
Cold tomato soup
Cold tomato soup is ideal as a light lunch in summer and can also be prepared in large quantities as a cheap party recipe. Quarter the ripe aromatic tomatoes as far as possible and pour into a mixing bowl. ...
countrywomen potato cake
Countrywomen potato cake Landfrauen potato cake is served warm. It goes well with a fresh salad. ...
Figs with goat cheese
Figs with goat cheese is a fine dessert that harmonizes particularly well with mild goat fresh cheese. Pour wine and 3 tbsp honey into a saucepan. ...
Goats Cheese Figs Starter
Goats Cheese Figs Starter This goat cheese fig starter can be easily prepared and can be served hot or cold. Preheat baking oven to 220° C. ...
Ham Tapas Slices
Ham Tapas Slices For ham tapas, first cut fresh baguette into thin slices. Spread a thin layer of cheese on the tapas slices. ...
Mangold Cheese Quiche
Mangold Cheese Quiche gets its fine aroma from mild goat cheese. For the shortcrust pastry of chard cheese pour quiche flour into a bowl. ...
Onion cake with goat cheese
Onion cake with goat cheese tastes spicy and has a crispy yeast dough. The onion cake goes very well as a snack with a glass of wine. ...

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