Frozen lobster

Frozen lobster

Frozen lobsters have a dark colour that only turns red when cooked. Frozen lobster is already pre-cooked and is frozen in ice blocks of salt water. Frozen lobsters are best left to defrost overnight in the foil with the ice block. Frozen lobster weighs about 950 g gross and about 350 g net. The cooked lobster meat can also be used for lobster cocktail or as soup insert.

All data per 100 g:
82 kcal
1 g
17 g
2 g

Recipes with Frozen lobster

Lobster Per person one expects a lobster of about 950 g. The meat then weighs about 350 g net. ...
Lobster Cocktail
Lobster Cocktail is a festive starter. Defrost the lobster overnight in the fridge, cook for 5 minutes and remove the meat. ...
Lobster on lobster sauce
Lobster on lobster sauce needs about 3 hours without defrosting. Defrost the lobster overnight in the refrigerator in the foil. ...

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