Fresh peach

Fresh peach

I wrote fresh peach as an ingredient in the recipes in which I did not use canned peaches. Fresh peach is usually harvested unripe and ripens during transport. Fruits that ripen on the tree, however, have a much fuller aroma and are much sweeter. Fresh peach is impact and pressure sensitive and should be handled with care. Fresh peach tastes good in fruit salad, cake, compote and jam, but also in punch.

All data per 100 g:
43 kcal
12 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Fresh peach

Apricot jam with peach
Apricot jam with peach is slightly milder and finer in taste than pure apricot jam. Because the fruits are not pureed, the apricot jam with peach has a particularly fruity taste. ...
Blinis with prawns Cocktail
Blinis with prawns Cocktail Blinis with crab cocktail are served cold. Warm the milk lukewarm. ...
Fruit layer salad
Fruit layer salad can be prepared quickly and easily. Cut the grapes into halves, remove the seeds and pour into a glass container. ...
Fruit salad
Fruit salad is a healthy dessert, which is best prepared with cheap fresh fruit of the season. Fruit salad can also be used for the recycling of fruit residues, so that it can always be prepared differently. ...
Fruit salad with orange cream
Fruit salad with orange cream For the fruit salad with orange cream it is best to use untreated organic oranges, as the peel is used to flavour the orange cream. For the orange cream, first stir the low-fat curd cheese with yoghurt and acacia honey until smooth. ...
Jam For marmalade you can mix different fruits like in a fruit salad. Cut the strawberries into small pieces for this jam. ...
Longdrink Bellini
Longdrink Bellini is a fruity light longdrink that tastes particularly aromatic with ripe sweet peaches. The taste is reminiscent of peach punch. ...
Longdrink Kuller Peach
Longdrink Kuller Peach Rinse a ripe peach and pat dry. Prick several times with a fork all around and put into a large glass. ...
Longdrink Sombrero
Longdrink Sombrero For the long drink Sombrero, first pour 3 ice cubes into a cocktail shaker. Pour tequila, peach liqueur, orange juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice and grenadine syrup over the ice and shake vigorously. ...

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