Fresh lemon grass

Fresh lemon grass

Fresh lemon grass is offered in stalks. It comes from Southeast Asia and is particularly suitable for seasoning Thai dishes. Fresh lemon grass has a strong, slightly tart and fresh lemon flavor. Fresh lemon grass is only suitable for flavoring the dishes and should not be consumed with.

All data per 100 g:
99 kcal
25 g
2 g
0 g

Recipes with Fresh lemon grass

Asian Chicken Fricassee
Asian Chicken Fricassee is served in a creamy coconut milk sauce and gets its typical taste from lemon grass and coriander. Remove the visible fat under the skin from the chicken legs. ...
Asparagus Chicken Curry Soup
Asparagus Chicken Curry Soup is a simple Thai soup refined with coconut milk. Peel fresh asparagus and cut into bite-sized pieces. ...
Chicken Ginger Soup
Chicken Ginger Soup is prepared with coconut milk and is called in Thailand Dom Kha Gai. The typical spices such as fresh ginger, lemon grass and lime leaves give the chicken ginger soup an intense spicy aroma. ...
Crayfish Sandwich
Crayfish Sandwich is a Thai snack, which gets its special aroma from the fresh slightly spicy dressing with lemon grass and ginger. Put a tablespoon of lime juice in a small bowl. ...
Curry sausage with crab chips
Curry sausage with crab chips are prepared with an Asian sauce. For this, peel onions, garlic and ginger and cut into fine cubes. ...
Mihoen Goreng - fried rice noodles
Mihoen Goreng - fried rice noodles are prepared in a wok and served with mirror egg. Put rice noodles in a bowl. ...
Sliced Thai
Sliced Thai Thai slices are prepared with unsweetened coconut milk, which soothes the heat of the chilli. Lightly cover Basmati rice with water, bring to the boil briefly, season with a little salt and stir once. ...
Thai chicken skewers
Thai chicken skewers taste especially good if you use fresh lemongrass angels (Asia Shop). Then the aroma is transferred to the meat. ...
Thai Mango Dessert
Thai Mango Dessert is prepared only with simple ingredients, but tastes delicious. It is best to prepare Thai mango dessert in time, as it tastes very refreshing when well chilled. ...

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