Fresh chervil

Fresh chervil

Fresh chervil is very similar to parsley, but tastes slightly like aniseed. Since fresh chervil has only a very fine aroma, it should be used either alone or with pepper and salt. It also goes well with other delicate herbs such as parsley or tarragon. Strongly seasoning herbs such as rosemary, thyme or basil would be too dominant and would crush the delicate chervil taste. Fresh chervil goes well with all light or white sauces.

All data per 100 g:
50 kcal
6 g
4 g
1 g

Recipes with Fresh chervil

Asparagus soup
Asparagus soup can also be prepared with frozen asparagus outside the asparagus season. Cut the frozen asparagus into bite-sized pieces and place in a saucepan. ...
Baked trout in vegetable bed
Baked trout in vegetable bed Baked trout in the vegetable bed is simply baked in the oven. The trout becomes tender and remains juicy. ...
Bread rolls with roast beef
Bread rolls with roast beef Rolls topped with roast beef taste particularly good with homemade remoulade. Boil an egg hard for that. ...
Canapes with pork roast
Canapes with pork roast is a popular classic among canapes. Cut the baguette into slightly thicker slices. ...
Cheese Soup
Cheese Soup For the cheese soup cut bread and cheese into small cubes and fill into a soup bowl. Bring to the boil and still boiling pour over the bread cheese mixture. ...
Chervil dip with bread chips
Chervil dip with bread chips can be prepared quickly and easily. The chervil dip tastes particularly aromatic when fresh chervil is used. ...
Dijon mustard dressing
Dijon mustard dressing is a creamy, finely spiced dressing that goes very well with leaf salad, artichoke hearts or green asparagus. Cream a very fresh egg yolk, sugar, Dijon mustard and 1 tbsp. oil. ...
Fried rice with asparagus
Fried rice with asparagus is an Asian dish. Pork filet heads are cut into medallions and served with it. ...
Salmon with Bearnaise sauce
Salmon with Bearnaise sauce tastes particularly juicy when fresh salmon with skin is used for frying. First prepare the Bearnaise sauce. ...

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