Fresh cheese

Fresh cheese

Fresh cheese (engl. cream cheese, french cheese) Fromage frais, ital. formaggio fresco, span. queso fresco) is made from pasteurised milk. Fresh cheese looks white, has a fresh aroma and tastes very mild. It has a soft spreadable consistency. In addition to being used as a topping for bread, fresh cheese is also particularly suitable for baking, filling cakes and preparing desserts.

All data per 100 g:
270 kcal
3 g
6 g
26 g

Recipes with Fresh cheese

Antipasti with fresh cheese
Antipasti with fresh cheese taste piquant and can be served as a small starter or snack with a glass of red wine and fresh ciabatta. Stir the fresh cheese with the sour cream until creamy and season with white pepper and salt. ...
Appetizers should be easy to prepare, stimulate the appetite and do not satiate too much. It is best to offer a small selection of different starters. ...
Apple Salmon Tatar
Apple Salmon Tatar Apple salmon tartare can be very well prepared for a cold buffet. For the apple salmon tartare peel a sour apple and shallots. ...
Artichokes Tuna Canapes
Artichokes Tuna Canapes For artichoke tuna canapes, first prepare the cream. Drain the tuna. ...
Australian Carrot Stir Cake
Australian Carrot Stir Cake tastes very juicy and keeps itself fresh for several days. That's enough for half a baking tray. ...
Australian cheese cake
Australian cheese cake is prepared unlike German cheese cake not with curd cheese, but with fresh cheese. Well chilled Australian cheese cake is also often served as a dessert cake. ...
Avocado Feta Fondue Cream
Avocado Feta Fondue Cream tastes very creamy and has a fine pungency. Cut a ripe avocado lengthwise all around. ...
Bacon Onion Dip
Bacon Onion Dip tastes very good with freshly baked potato bread or as a grill sauce. Cut the bacon into small cubes. ...
Bagel with salami
Bagel with salami Cut bagel crosswise in the middle. Brush the upper lower halves with cream cheese. ...

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