Food starch

Food starch

Depending on the type of food starch one can get a different result when binding pudding or sauces. Edible starch is obtained from corn, wheat, potatoes or rice, with corn starch binding the most, followed by wheat starch and then potato starch. In the recipes I mostly use starch from wheat. For very fine doughs such as sponge cake, part of the flour is replaced by starch.

All data per 100 g:
347 kcal
97 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Food starch

Alsatian onion cake
Alsatian onion cake can be served hot or cold. Mix flour with baking powder and salt. ...
Amaretto Almond Cake
Amaretto Almond Cake is baked in a box of 25. Melt butter at a low temperature, cool and allow to set slightly. ...
Anniversary cake
Anniversary cake For the anniversary cake you need a 26er springform pan. First bake a shortcrust pastry base. ...
Apple cheese cake
Apple cheese cake tastes particularly juicy. For the shortcrust dough mix flour with a pinch of baking powder, 80 g sugar, 1 point vanilla sugar and a pinch of salt. ...
Apple Chocolate Cake
Apple Chocolate Cake is baked with a simple quark oil dough. For the topping, mix chocolate pudding powder, starch and 75 g sugar with 6 tbsp milk. ...
Apple Crumble Gratin
Apple Crumble Gratin can be served hot or cold. Preheat oven to 220°. ...
Apple Mush Bowl Cake
Apple Mush Bowl Cake tastes best when it is oven fresh and still slightly warm. Cream margarine with sugar. ...
Apple Plum Grütze
Apple Plum Grütze For apple plums, Grütze first peel and dice apples. Cut plums in half and remove seeds. ...
Apple wine cake
Apple wine cake is a simple tray cake that tastes best well chilled. Knead flour, starch, baking powder, 150 g sugar, 1 point vanilla sugar, a pinch of salt, eggs and butter. ...

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