Flomen bacon

Flomen bacon

Flomen bacon is the soft belly of bacon from pig that is not smoked and therefore differs from smoked fat bacon. Most of the time you have to order Flomen bacon extra from the butcher. Flomen bacon can be used, for example, to make greaves lard. Flomen bacon is left out in a pot until it is liquid. Only the fried bacon cubes, also called greaves, remain.

All data per 100 g:
898 kcal
0 g
0 g
100 g

Recipes with Flomen bacon

Apple Thyme Lard
Apple Thyme Lard Cut the flomen into cubes and let them out slowly in a pot at medium temperature until only the greaves remain. Remove 3 tablespoons of the liquid lard, place in a pan and heat. ...
Greaves lard
Greaves lard can be kept for several weeks if kept refrigerated. For the greaves, put the lard Flomen in a pot and crush coarsely with a wooden spoon. ...
Lard can be used not only for frying or refining hearty stews, but also as a topping on fresh brown bread or farmhouse bread. Turn flomen and white bacon through the coarse disc of the mincer, or cut into small cubes with a knife. ...
Lard with dried fruits
Lard with dried fruits Lard with dried fruit harmonises just as well in taste as lard with apples. White bacon and flomen bacon through the coarse slice of meat grinder turn. ...

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