When I use fat for frying, I always use clarified butter. It can be heated up high, the pores of the meat close fast during frying and the meat remains juicy. In addition, the butter taste is more pleasant than using cheaper frying fat. Just when the gravy is to be dissolved afterwards to use it as a sauce. However, with some cabbage dishes I use lard, because the taste gives the dishes the typical taste. Of course I also use frying fat for deep-frying.

All data per 100 g:
900 kcal
0 g
0 g
100 g

Recipes with Fat

Asparagus Salad
Asparagus Salad For the salad, peel the asparagus, cut into slices and place in a pot. Lightly cover the asparagus with water. ...
Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
Asparagus with hollandaise sauce For asparagus with hollandaise sauce it is best to use very fresh organic eggs. Peel the asparagus thinly with the asparagus peeler and cut off any woody ends with a sharp kitchen knife. ...
Bacon Potato Salad with fried fish
Bacon Potato Salad with fried fish For bacon potato salad with fried fish first boil pell potatoes. For the marinade season vinegar with sugar, pepper and salt. ...
Baked ham with sauerkraut
Baked ham with sauerkraut For baking ham with sauerkraut best use cured crusts roast. Preheat oven to 220°. ...
Beef meat salad
Beef meat salad tastes better the longer it pulls. Heat the fat in a frying pan. ...
Beef roast in cream sauce
Beef roast in cream sauce becomes particularly tender if you brush the beef braised roast with mustard before braising. Dry the braised beef roast with kitchen paper. ...
Beef roulades in pressure cooker
Beef roulades in pressure cooker Beef roulades in a pressure cooker require only 15 minutes of braising time. Coat beef roulades with mustard. ...
Beef stew roast
Beef stew roast Brush beef stew roast thinly with mustard and season with pepper, salt and paprika powder. In a roast pot let out fat and fry the beef stew roast all around vigorously. ...
Carbonade in curry sauce
Carbonade in curry sauce can be served with rice or fried potatoes from the tin (see recipe). Rinse carbonade briefly under running water and dry well with kitchen paper. ...

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