Edam cheese

Edam cheese

Edam cheese (English Edam, French Fromage edam, Italian Edam, Spanish Queso de bola) is a cut cheese originally from Holland. Today it is made from partially skimmed, pasteurized cow's milk. In the past, Edam cheese was made from raw milk and thus had an even spicier aroma. In Holland, Edam cheese is mainly sold with natural rind. For the export it is provided with a, mostly red, wax layer. Edam cheese is available in ball or block form. Its dough has a golden yellow colour with a few smaller holes. Its consistency is supple and smooth, its taste mild and slightly acidic. Its fat content is 40 % in dry matter. The maturing time of Edam cheese is between 5 and 8 weeks. We also produce Edam cheese in our cheese dairies, which is then referred to as German Edam cheese. Edam cheese is well suited for gratinating, salads or as a cold cut for bread as well as for cheese plates with cheese cubes and fruit.

All data per 100 g:
369 kcal
0 g
31 g
24 g

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