Dried parsley

Dried parsley

Dried parsley has the advantage over fresh parsley that it can be stored well sealed. In soup, roast sauce, dips, marinade and salad sauce, dried parsley unfolds its aroma again and becomes softer again due to the moisture. Dried parsley can also be used to sprinkle vegetables or side dishes such as potatoes.

All data per 100 g:
260 kcal
36 g
23 g
2 g

Recipes with Dried parsley

Beer Dough Fondue
Beer Dough Fondue For beer dough fondue mix wheat flour type 405, beer and eggs. Season with salt. ...
Carrots with dip
Carrots with dip is a light little snack that tastes refreshing and is a healthy alternative to snacks. Stir cream cheese with curd and milk until smooth. ...
Entrecote Steak with Paprika Rice
Entrecote Steak with Paprika Rice tastes particularly juicy. The rice is spicy. ...
Frikandel For Frikandel first cut the turkey schnitzel into cubes. Turn the mincer through the fine slice of meat. ...
Lahmacun Pizza with cheese au gratin
Lahmacun Pizza with cheese au gratin For Lahmacun Pizza with cheese au gratin, first prepare the dough. Pour the flour into a bowl. ...
Lentils Salad
Lentils Salad This lentils salad tastes very good as a side dish with grilled or short roasted meat and chicken. Fill lentils and white beans separately in two bowls, cover with water and leave to swell overnight. ...
Meat salad with mustard sauce
Meat salad with mustard sauce tastes very good on fresh rolls or rustic black bread. The quickest way is to prepare the meat salad with roast remains of Kassler salmon meat. ...
Meatloaf Canapes
Meatloaf Canapes Meat loaf canapes taste particularly hearty and are very suitable for a rustic buffet. For the meat loaf canapes it is best to prepare the meat loaf in good time and let it cool down well. ...
Minced Pea Noodle Soup
Minced Pea Noodle Soup This minced beef pea noodle soup is quick and easy to prepare. Season the minced beef with salt and pepper. ...

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