Double Cream Fresh Cheese

Double Cream Fresh Cheese

Double cream fresh cheese is the name given to fresh cheese that has a double cream level of approx. 69% fat in dry matter, which makes it taste very creamy, fresh and mild. Since Double Cream Fresh Cheese is prepared without preservatives and requires no or very little ripening time, Double Cream Fresh Cheese should be stored as cool as possible and consumed quickly. Due to its particularly creamy consistency, it is not only suitable as a spread, but also for refining desserts or for preparing fresh cheese cakes. Dips, fondue sauces and salad dressings can also be prepared with double cream fresh cheese.

All data per 100 g:
255 kcal
3 g
5 g
25 g

Recipes with Double Cream Fresh Cheese

Bee Sting Muffins
Bee Sting Muffins For bee sting muffins boil down 40 g cream, 20 g sugar, honey and almond sticks while stirring until creamy and allow to cool. Preheat baking oven to 180° C. ...
Bread spread
Bread spread This bread spread is a hearty topping that tastes particularly good on fresh homemade bread. Fry the bacon crispy in strips without adding fat in a coated pan. ...
Cheese Cake Cookies
Cheese Cake Cookies For cheese cake cookies first preheat the oven to 180° C. Mix fresh cheese with soft butter until creamy. ...
Chervil dip with bread chips
Chervil dip with bread chips can be prepared quickly and easily. The chervil dip tastes particularly aromatic when fresh chervil is used. ...
Cress Tuna Salad
Cress Tuna Salad can be prepared quickly and easily for a cold buffet or brunch, but also tastes very good as a topping for crackers or as a spread on bread. Pour the double cream cheese into a bowl. ...
Fine savoy cabbage soup with salmon
Fine savoy cabbage soup with salmon is rounded off with creamed horseradish, which not only tastes spicy, but also makes it more digestible. You can serve Fine Savoy cabbage soup with salmon as a starter or together with roasted toast as a small main meal. ...
Fondue For fondue, use different types of tender meat such as tenderloin, medallion or beef rump steak so that the meat only needs to be heated briefly. Cut beef rump steak, pork tenderloin and turkey tenderloin into cubes. ...
Fresh cheese ham rolls
Fresh cheese ham rolls are particularly suitable for sausage platters on the cold buffet. For the fresh cheese ham rolls I have used 2 slices of cooked ham per person, which are halved to make 4 small rolls. ...
Lemon Poppy Muffins
Lemon Poppy Muffins taste very fruity, are very juicy and the dough becomes nicely loose. Preheat the oven to 175° and place paper cups in the recesses of the muffin tray. ...

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