Cumin Powder

Cumin Powder

Cumin powder is also called white caraway. Its taste differs considerably from that of black cumin, which is used for cabbage dishes. The name cumin stems from the fact that the plant has a cross-shaped leaf stand and its fruit looks very similar to caraway. Cumin powder is used mainly in Arabic, Indian, Far Eastern and Mexican cuisine as a meat spice, for stews, as a bread spice, or for tandoori dishes.

All data per 100 g:
422 kcal
34 g
19 g
22 g

Recipes with Cumin Powder

Adana Kebap
Adana Kebap is a spicy minced meat skewer made from lamb minced, which is served on flat bread. I used a flat pita bread, as you can see in the picture above, as it gets crispier when grilling and looks more decorative. ...
American Beans Vegetable Salad
American Beans Vegetable Salad tastes particularly aromatic when it is steeped for some time. Pour the beans into a salad bowl. ...
Arabian Köfte meatballs
Arabian Köfte meatballs For Arabian Köfte meatballs, first cut lamb leg slices with fat rim into cubes. Turn through the mincer and put into a bowl. ...
Arabic flat bread
Arabic flat bread For Arabic flat bread mix flour with a pinch of salt and cumin. Dissolve fresh yeast in lukewarm water, knead underneath and cover and leave to rise for 15 minutes in a warm place. ...
Arabic lentils with rice
Arabic lentils with rice are served with yoghurt and fried onions. Pour rice into a pot, add water and season with a pinch of salt. ...
Aubergines These aubergines with tomato filling are a Turkish low calorie vegetarian dish. Wash the aubergines, dry them and cut them lengthwise. ...
Beef Steak Dürüm Döner
Beef Steak Dürüm Döner is served with a homemade spicy kebab sauce. Mix yogurt, sour cream and ketchup. ...
Bifteki meatballs on farmer salad
Bifteki meatballs on farmer salad For Bifteki meatballs on farmer salad first season minced meat with pepper, salt, cayenne pepper, cumin and oregano. Dice onions, press 1 garlic clove through the garlic press and add. ...
Bifteki shashlik skewers
Bifteki shashlik skewers can be served hot or cold. The ready fried Bifteki are put on shashlik skewers and can also be served as finger food at a party. ...

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