Creamy coconut milk

Creamy coconut milk

Creamy coconut milk has a spoon-proof consistency and consists of about 65% pressed white coconut meat and water. It is unsweetened and is mainly used in Asian cuisine for curry sauce, desserts or for mixing long drinks or milkshakes. You can get creamy coconut milk in supermarkets or Asia Shops. Since the creamy fat-rich layer settles on the surface, the coconut milk should always be stirred well before use.

All data per 100 g:
209 kcal
3 g
2 g
21 g

Recipes with Creamy coconut milk

Banana Salad
Banana Salad tastes best well chilled and can be prepared very well. Pour the juice of a lime into a small saucepan, add brown cane sugar and two lime leaves. ...
Cocktail Strawberry Dawn
Cocktail Strawberry Dawn The Cocktail Strawberry Dawn is a creamy light cocktail with an intense strawberry aroma. In the original it is prepared with Cream of Coconut, whereby nowhere is defined whether the Cream should be sweetened or unsweetened. ...
Coconut Cream
Coconut Cream For the coconut cream you can use fresh coconut and grate the flesh. It doesn't need soaking. ...
Coconut cream with exotic fruits
Coconut cream with exotic fruits can be prepared very well. The exotic fruits can also be replaced by other fruits. ...
Curry This curry is prepared with chicken, vegetables, coconut milk and hot red curry paste. As a side dish, cook the rice for about 20 minutes until done. ...
Honey melon with coconut milk
Honey melon with coconut milk is a Thai dessert called Täng Thai Naam Gatih. It is served chilled. ...
Longdrink Flying Red Baron
Longdrink Flying Red Baron is best served in a champagne bowl. Put the cachaca, strawberry limes and freshly squeezed lime juice into a mixing bowl. ...
Longdrink Pina Colada
Longdrink Pina Colada For the Pina Colada long drink, pour ice cubes into a cocktail shaker. Pour rum over it. ...
Mango passion fruit smoothie
Mango passion fruit smoothie Mango Maracuja Smoothie tastes particularly fruity and is given a fine acidity by the passion fruit / passion fruit. For the smoothie, peel a ripe mango and pour the flesh into a blender jug. ...

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