Cream horseradish

Cream horseradish

Cream horseradish is already ready to buy in small glasses. If you need larger quantities, you can also refine freshly grated horseradish with cream. Cream horseradish tastes much milder than raw grated horseradish, which is mainly used in small quantities for seasoning. Cream horseradish goes very well with smoked fish such as salmon or trout and goes well with roast beef. It is also used to decorate finger food or canapes.

All data per 100 g:
275 kcal
13 g
2 g
23 g

Recipes with Cream horseradish

Blinis Fingerfood Canapés
Blinis Fingerfood Canapés Blinis Fingerfood can be prepared very well and served hot or cold. Book wheat flour with yeast and sugar mix. ...
Büsumer crab cocktail
Büsumer crab cocktail Büsumer Krabben Cocktail best prepared with North Sea prawns, as they taste most aromatic. Put the crab meat in a bowl. ...
California Shrimp Wraps
California Shrimp Wraps taste slightly hot. Sauté shrimps in oil. ...
Canapes with Roast Beef
Canapes with Roast Beef are best prepared with leftovers from roast beef roasts. Meter bread in slices cut, with soft butter spread and with small plucked head salad coat. ...
Canapes with salmon
Canapes with salmon Prepare canapes with salmon as fresh as possible. Cut the bread into slices, spread with spreadable butter and cover with lettuce. ...
Canapes with trout fillet
Canapes with trout fillet can also be served on small round slices of pumpernickel. Meter bread in slices cut, with soft butter spread and with small plucked head salad coat. ...
Carp Fish Filet
Carp Fish Filet Carp fish fillet is served with horseradish sauce and parsley potatoes. Pell potatoes boil. ...
Cassler in leaves dough
Cassler in leaves dough Kassler in the leaves dough becomes particularly tender and juicy. Due to the dough coat the Kassler roast stays hot longer at the table and looks decorative. ...
Cassler Roast
Cassler Roast For Kassler roast cut onions and vegetables into small cubes. Dry Kassler with kitchen paper. ...

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