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Cream Fraiche Herbs

Cream Fraiche Herbs

Creme Fraiche Kräuter is a creamy cream made from sour milk, which contains fresh herbs and only tastes slightly sour. You can use Creme Fraiche herbs as a dressing for salads, raw vegetables and vegetables or to refine sauces. Creme Fraiche herbs can also be used as a base for fondue sauces, dips or spreads and for coating pizza dough or quiche.

All data per 100 g:
240 kcal
3 g
2 g
35 g

Recipes with Cream Fraiche Herbs

Ajvar soup with minced meat
Ajvar soup with minced meat For Ajvar soup with minced onions cut into fine cubes. Drain and chop the aubergines. ...
Asparagus casserole with salmon
Asparagus casserole with salmon For asparagus casserole with salmon, first boil the peel of the potatoes, peel and cut into slices. Peel the asparagus, cut into pieces and pour into a pot. ...
Beetroot casserole
Beetroot casserole tastes particularly aromatic with fresh beetroot. As a vegetarian main course you can serve beetroot casserole with boiled potatoes or jacket potatoes. ...
Bismarck herring with fried potatoes
Bismarck herring with fried potatoes tastes particularly good if you buy pickled Bismarck herring fresh from a fishmonger, because the Bismarck herring does not taste too sour and has a juicy firm meat. Boil the potatoes, drain and leave to cool in cold water. ...
Bock Sausage Hot Dog
Bock Sausage Hot Dog Bock Wurst Hot Dog is a hearty variant of the Danish hot dog and is suitable as a party recipe. For the sauerkraut, first peel the onion and cut into small cubes. ...
Broccoli cream potatoes
Broccoli cream potatoes taste very good as a side dish with turkey escalope or chicken breast fillet. Cut the broccoli into florets. ...
Cappelletti in ham cream sauce
Cappelletti in ham cream sauce For Cappelletti in ham cream sauce first clean mushrooms and quarter. Cut leek onions into fine rings. ...
Chanterelles toast au gratin
Chanterelles toast au gratin For chanterelles toast, first preheat the oven grill to level 3. Toast bread slices. ...
Cheese soup with minced meat
Cheese soup with minced meat is an ideal party soup because it can be prepared quickly and easily even in large quantities, is inexpensive and tastes good. Half a cup of Schmelz cheese, half a cup of fresh cheese and half a cup of Creme Fraiche are used for this smaller quantity. ...

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