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Corned beef

corned beef

Corned beef is cured, minced and cooked beef. Corned comes from the English word corn, whereby not the corn is meant, but the salt grain. This goes back to the time when there were no refrigerators and the meat was cured with salt by rubbing it in and storing it, thus making it durable. One receives German Corned Beef at the sausage counter as a cold cut.

All data per 100 g:
141 kcal
0 g
25 g
12 g

Recipes with Corned beef

Back fish with Labskaus
Back fish with Labskaus For baking fish with Labskaus first boil salt potatoes. Drain the potatoes. ...
Canapes with corned beef
Canapes with corned beef For canapés with corned beef, first cut the bread into slightly thicker slices and spread with remoulade. Roll up the corned beef and place it diagonally on the slices of bread. ...
Corned beef bread rolls
Corned beef bread rolls Corned beef rolls taste hearty and can be easily prepared for a rustic buffet. I have calculated two sandwich halves per portion. ...
Deer Sandwich with Sauerkraut
Deer Sandwich with Sauerkraut Reuben Sandwich with Sauerkraut is a well-known American sandwich, which is prepared in a pan. Spread half the butter on the slices of farmer's bread. ...
Labskaus with cook fish
Labskaus with cook fish For Labskaus with cook fish salt potatoes cook. Finely dice the onions, sauté in oil and let cool. ...
Omelette with tomatoes
Omelette with tomatoes tastes hearty due to the filling with corned beef and becomes very juicy. For the filling, cut the tomatoes into slices. ...

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