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Coleslaw Salad

Coleslaw Salad

Coleslaw salad is easy to prepare yourself. If you only need a small amount, you can use ready-made Coleslaw salad. It contains white cabbage, carrots, peppers, leeks and mayonnaise. Coleslaw salad tastes good as a side dish with grilled steak, spare ribs or topping on hot dogs.

All data per 100 g:
182 kcal
10 g
1 g
15 g

Recipes with Coleslaw Salad

Beef minutes steaks
Beef minutes steaks can be prepared quickly and easily. Beef minutes Steaks can be fried particularly well in a grill pan. ...
Canapes with smoked fillet
Canapes with smoked fillet taste particularly hearty on onion baguette. For the canapes, cut the onion baguette into slightly thicker slices and cover with Coleslaw salad. ...
Coleslaw Hot Dog
Coleslaw Hot Dog For Coleslaw Hot Dog, cut a rustic baguette into pieces about the size of the sausages. Just cut the hot dog open but not all the way through. ...
Coleslaw Potato Salad
Coleslaw Potato Salad For Coleslaw potato salad potatoes first Pell cook potatoes. Drain the water. ...
Pastrami Coleslaw Canapes
Pastrami Coleslaw Canapes are served on roasted baguette, giving them a special aroma. For the canapes, cut the baguette into thicker slices. ...
Potato Wedges & BBQ Mett
Potato Wedges & BBQ Mett is served with Coleslaw Salad and Sour Cream. Preheat the oven to 220° C for the potato wedges. ...
Poultry salad with wine grapes
Poultry salad with wine grapes can be prepared quickly and easily. Chicken breast fillet in small cubes cut. ...
Thick rib with noodle salad
Thick rib with noodle salad can be prepared in a grill pan or on the wood charcoal grill. Brush the thick rib with a marinade of BBQ sauce, honey and soy sauce and put aside. ...

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