Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes or cherry tomatoes belong to the smallest variety of tomatoes. There are different varieties and colours such as slightly pear-shaped yellowish or cherry-shaped red cherry tomatoes, which are also slightly different in aroma. The aroma of cherry tomatoes unfolds best at room temperature. They are particularly suitable for salads or for decorating canap├ęs, but can also be fried and braised. Cherry tomatoes usually taste slightly sweet.

All data per 100 g:
21 kcal
4 g
1 g
0 g

Recipes with Cherry tomatoes

Aioli Eggs Salad
Aioli Eggs Salad This aioli egg salad is prepared with prawns. Boil the eggs hard. ...
Aioli Tuna Salad
Aioli Tuna Salad can be served as a small starter. Halve the tomatoes and arrange on plates with the olives. ...
Antipasti plate
Antipasti plate For the antipasti plate, first cut off a lid from the tomatoes. Remove cores. ...
Antipasti Roast Beef Rolls
Antipasti Roast Beef Rolls are served with homemade pesto. For the pesto first roast the pine nuts in a pan stirring until they start to smell. ...
Antipasti skewers
Antipasti skewers can be prepared quickly and easily. Drain the mozzarella. ...
Antipasti with fresh cheese
Antipasti with fresh cheese taste piquant and can be served as a small starter or snack with a glass of red wine and fresh ciabatta. Stir the fresh cheese with the sour cream until creamy and season with white pepper and salt. ...
Antipasti with ham
Antipasti with ham goes very well with fresh ciabatta and wine. Cut Coppa ham into thin slices, fold twice, turn into roses and place on small antipasti plates. ...
Artichokes Roast beef Meat Salad
Artichokes Roast beef Meat Salad is served with a creamy sauce that is spicy. For the meat salad roast beef cold cuts in strips cut. ...
Artichokes Tuna Canapes
Artichokes Tuna Canapes For artichoke tuna canapes, first prepare the cream. Drain the tuna. ...

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