Sparkling wine was originally used in Germany as a designation for sparkling wine. Sparkling wine and quality sparkling wine are identical according to the EC regulation. The alcohol content is at least 10% vol. Riesling wine is particularly suitable for the production of sparkling wine. If the grape variety is indicated, at least 85% of this wine must be used in sparkling wine. Sparkling wine tastes best well chilled. Sweet sparkling wine is particularly suitable for prolonging long drinks. Semi-dry fruity sparkling wine can be used for punch or sparkling wine cake. Dry sparkling wine can be used for cocktails or cooking.

All data per 100 g:
83 kcal
2 g
0 g
0 g

Recipes with Champagne

Aperol Bowl
Aperol Bowl e is a very refreshing summer drink, which does not taste too sweet but gets a fine bitter taste by the Aperol. Since the fruit cocktail is already sugared, no further sugar is needed to sweeten the fruit. ...
Apricot punch with basil
Apricot punch with basil If possible, prepare the apricot punch one day before serving, so that the fruits can penetrate well and the aroma of the basil can fully unfold. Put sugar in a pot with 1 tablespoon of water. ...
Berlin punch
Berlin punch Berliner Bowle can also be mixed in small quantities, directly in bowl glasses. Halve an unsprayed lemon. ...
Berry Bowl
Berry Bowl For berries punch frozen berries mix into a punch bowl, pour cream de cassis, lime juice and cold white wine over it. Sugar is not absolutely necessary, as the Creme de Cassis liqueur already tastes sweet. ...
Caipirinha Bowl
Caipirinha Bowl For the Caipirinha Bowle Lime rinse thoroughly under running water and rub dry. Cut the limes into cubes and put them into a bowl. ...
Champagne cake
Champagne cake Sparkling wine cake tastes particularly juicy and becomes very loose. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla until foamy. ...
Champagne with Armagnac - Plum
Champagne with Armagnac - Plum Sparkling wine with Armagnac - plum tastes particularly good with plums pickled in Armagnac - see recipe. Otherwise use ready-soaked plums in Armagnac. ...
Cherry Vodka Bowl
Cherry Vodka Bowl Kirsch Vodka Bowle tastes should definitely be prepared with cherry juice or cherry nectar from the bottle, as it tastes more aromatic. The cherry juice from the glass of pickled cherries is too sweet and does not taste so aromatic. ...
citrus punch
Citrus punch tastes bitterly fruity with kumquats and grapefruit. Wash Kumquats thoroughly with hot water and rub dry. ...

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