Cashew kernels

Cashew kernels

Cashew nuts (English Cashew nuts, French) Noix de cajou, ital. Noce di acagiù, span. Anacardo) are mostly roasted and sold salted in tins. Cashew kernels are mainly used for Asian dishes from the wok or for baking. Cashew kernels taste slightly sweet and have a very fine and mild taste.

All data per 100 g:
600 kcal
29 g
17 g
46 g

Recipes with Cashew kernels

Asian goose
Asian goose is a good way to prepare the remains of the Christmas goose in a delicious way. Prepare a pancake dough from flour, milk, eggs and sesame oil. ...
Chicken Curry
Chicken Curry is prepared in the wok. Chicken breast fillet in strips cut. ...
Chicken from the wok
Chicken from the wok is served in a very aromatic sauce with plum wine. Boil Basmati rice. ...
Chicken with cashew nuts in wok
Chicken with cashew nuts in wok Cook long grain rice and serve immediately with the dish, or precook and let cool. Then sauté the rice briefly in a wok. ...
Chinese chicken
Chinese chicken is prepared in a wok. Soak the mushrooms in 0.1 l warm water for 30 minutes. ...
Curry This curry is prepared with chicken, vegetables, coconut milk and hot red curry paste. Boil rice. ...
Curry Rice Goulash
Curry Rice Goulash For curry rice goulash first clean leek, cut into rings and finely dice onions. Cut the chilli pepper into rings and remove the white seeds. ...
Fried rice with tuna fish
Fried rice with tuna fish Fried rice with tuna is a popular Thai dish. Fried rice works best when cooked in time and cooled down completely. ...
Nut gourmand cake
Nut gourmand cake Although this cake is baked in a small mould, it should still be divided into 12 parts because it is very rich and well saturated. First knead a dough from flour, margarine and water. ...

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